About Sun Aura Resort


    Sun Aura bills itself as a nudist resort, but it would be more accurately described as a clothing-optional campground.

    The camp has been around since the 1920’s under a number of different names – Zorro, Naked City, Sun Spot.  It is, in fact, the oldest nudist camp in the USA.

   Over the years, the 300+ acre wooded camp has developed quite an “aura” of its own (and a bit of a reputation, too).  We think you’ll have a burning blast at Aura Man.

    There are over 200 permanent campsites nestled in the woods throughout the camp.  As the decades progressed, many of the campsites have take on a “theme camp”-like personality.

    You stop and ponder the empty wine bottles decorating the wooden woman.  You admire the beachfront flower garden next to the sandy volleyball court (BYO Ball).  Continuing on, you’re horrified to see that someone would keep a gargoyle in a cage. (I’ve never heard the gargoyle complain, so neither should you).

Just then two golf carts drive by at the posted 5 MPH (yeah, right).  One is green with black polka dots pulling a trailer of wood for the night’s burn.  The other has 5 drunken naked people on it and is headed to the dunes (you never know what may happen at the dunes).

    At The Crossroads, you stop by Waikiki North (our campsite and Aura Man Headquarters and Check-in Station) and enjoy the Lounge Lizard Happy Hour, hosted by yours truly.  (Bring your poi or staff and we’ll practice before spinning at the Burn).

Across from Aura Man Headquarters is the largest outdoor pool in northwest Indiana (Olympic-sized, at least).  Scores of naked people lay around, drinking, talking, swimming, enjoying the music and worshipping the sun.

    After a quick nap in your tent, camper or cabin, or a journey to the dunes (hitch a ride if can), or a shower at the pool, you meander back to Headquarters for a Pot Luck Sloppy Joe dinner, or enjoy the potluck dinner in the Round House (that’s what we call the Camp’s clubhouse, (‘cuz it’s round, get it?)).

     You decide to stick around the Round House after dinner for a 4-hour dance DJ’d by some of the hippest cats in the biz.  You watch as three ladies dance on the brass pole; one of them strips, the other two help.  You dance, too.  Everyone dances.  You dance with each other.  You bump and grind and no one cares. 

            Whew !!  It’s time to chill, and you go outside to get some air.  Shit, man!!  There’s another party going on out here !!  With people in various states of dress involved in various states of strangeness.  You try to show that you’re stranger than they are, but not a stranger at all.  You check to see if the building is, in fact, round.  (Really, it is). Stumbling through the other door, you place your quarters on the pool table and dance some more, then chill in front of the big-screen TV.  Even though you wonder how Billy can even stand at this hour of the night, he somehow manages to beat you at pool.  (You’re lucky you weren’t playing against Elvis).

Suddenly you stumble upon lots of flashing lights, pulsating music, a large campfire, 40 semi-decorated golf carts, and a hundred people (some naked, some half naked, some not naked).  You’ve discovered Party Cove !! --- Home of Magic’s Castle and Denny’s Diner.  Stop in for a free hot dog and, if you’re lucky, a bowl of Charlie’s World Famous Chili. Mingle with the crowd.

You decide to go for a Midnight walk around camp, in the nude, because you can.  You gather up some of your fellow Burners in Tent City and stroll to the campsite with a big-screen TV inside of a screen house.  Music videos?  Porn?  A Burning Man artumentary?  You never know.  Continuing on past the dozens of campfires along the roads, you discover a group of people peeking into the windows of a rental cabin called Pink Passion.  What are they looking at?  (Sorry, you’ll have to come to Aura Man find out for yourselves).

    You notice that directly behind Party Cove is the beach where most of the Burners have set up their camps.  Well, holy shit, it’s a 16-foot wooden man surrounded by Burners who know, and others who are saying “What the fuck is that?”  Art projects created by Sun Aura members and Burners are scattered around the beach.  A drum circle has started.  They do their best to upend the music coming from Magic’s Castle.  Poi and staffs twinkle in the dark night; maybe some fireworks go high into the sky.  At 1:30 AM, the Man is lit.  It’s Aura Man 2007 --- Into the Vortex.

  The parties continue into the night…….

     If this sounds a lot like Burning Man, the resemblance is only coincidental.  Except for the drum circles, the poi spinning  and the burning of a 16-foot wooden man, this is a typical Saturday at Sun Aura Nudist Resort.  But at least one weekend a year, it needs more.  That’s where you Burners come in.

     Mary Jane and Mystiiic, and other Burner-minded members of Sun Aura, share our love for all things Burning Man with the fine folks at Sun Aura.  That’s why we are doing this, and also, because we can.  We can’t think of a better reason for doing something.